Bridgwater Baptist Church is a friendly group of people and you are assured a warm welcome.

Coronavirus Update

We are planning to start holding services in the church on Sunday mornings at 10.30am, from August 2nd 2020. Full COVID measures will be on place, so it will be a bit different to normal.

Make It On A Monday will start again from the 3rd August, again with COVID measures in place.

Coffee Mornings are planned to start on Wednesdays from 19th August, with appropriate measures.

Parents & Toddlers won’t meet until September, and when they do, again we’ll take all the measures needed.

You can find inspiration, information and video messages on our Facebook page!

If you need to be in touch, please contact us, but we may take a little longer to reply during this outbreak.

The Energise Project

… aims to renew our premises by 2021/2 creating a safe, welcoming space to facilitate strengthening community and promote social and personal wellbeing.

the energise project